Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally posting stuff from the end of last semester and some of winter! Wahooo.

Went to the figure drawing marathon this last week, and I have to say, remembering how much I miss going figure drawing was well worth having to sit in an unheated room in the dead of winter for hours. Even if I did get sick.

This is my final for 117, in which we were required to design an animal that has a food cart. Mine is a snow monkey who sells oden from the back of her scooter/cart to earn money for an overseas culinary degree! This assignment was decidedly lighthearted and simple in comparison to our previous one (below), and gave me a good excuse to stare at vintage Vespas.

The above is the second to last project of the class. Taking some inspiration from Joaquin Pasos' 'The Poor Angel', we were instructed to create an angel (literal or metaphorical) character that has decided to sell their wings at a pawn shop (also literal or metaphorical) at a pawn shop. In my take, this particular angel has decided to sell his wings to Nazi's during the Dutch Famine of 1944 in order to obtain rations for a family.
And on THAT uplifting note, I wish everyone a Happy New Year! (belated OR right on time?)

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